31 January 2011

A New Season Begins...

I am just so excited I could burst!  It's finally launch day!  

Sweet Hope Photography is officially open for business!

After five years of practicing, procrastinating and then a bit of procreating (!), the day has finally come to put my skills on the table and make a red-hot go of making a living out of one of my favourite things.  

Friends and family have been asking me all week, 'So what's happening when you launch your business? Are you having a party? Is your website up?' to which I have replied no and no.  Today might not have lots of tangible bells and whistles as might be expected BUT it is the start of a new season for my family and I and that is significant.  

So please be upstanding and raise your glasses (or mugs, or cereal bowls, or whatever implement is handy to grab!) to Sweet Hope! May it capture a piece of your world one day, and bring the breath of heaven upon it!  


Anna xo

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