24 March 2011

Family + Friends

Apart from my own, there is probably no family that I LOVE more than this one.  Julie has been in my life for about 15 years now and we grow tighter every year.  She is one of those friends that you can't even describe as a bestie - it just doesn't really give proper honour to the fullness of our little bond.  

We have been through some 'stuff' together - over the years we've had moments of full-on heaving, ugly crying together but we've had way more moments of laughing until our poor post-baby bladder's are put to the ultimate test!  TMI? Ha!

And Mark.  Well, Mark the magnificent (as I plan on calling him permanently now) built my website for me - genius!! 

The kids are adorable and as all grownup girlfriends dream of, our little girls are best friends too!

I hope these photographs do some justice to the warmth and outrageousness of this you guys!

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