15 May 2011

SISTERHOOD - Sisters & Friends

These gorgeous girls were the first ones up, ready and raring for a 7:30am photo shoot...yep, they deserve a little round of applause just for getting there let alone looking so beautiful at that time of the day!!  They came equipped with cute gumboots and dazzling smiles...

I have to say I adore this photo of Sam.  She usually either has her bright red lips smiling from ear to ear or they're running a verbal marathon ;) so to have this quiet, calm moment with the camera was breathtaking for me.  One of my favourite images of the day Sam...truly beautiful. (And boys, can you believe she's SINGLE!)

Keep your eyes off this one fellas, she's a married lady! (And I think her hubby is going to LOVE this one!)

Tish had a baby like two seconds ago...what a hot mama!

And beautiful Stacey...

Loved shooting you girls xo


  1. Awesome, what talent Anna and gorgeous subjects- love them!!!

  2. Her husband does indeed love the photos. All of them! I actually said out loud, in the car, by myself, 'my wife is HOT!'

  3. I love all of these photos, you captured their beauty beautifully Anna!


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