16 August 2011

Sweet Hope Goes To Hawaii!

I've been waiting....and waiting....and dreaming...and planning...and waiting...and FINALLY it is official!  I'm going to Hawaii!

But wait...that's not the exciting part! (Well, it is but there's more)

Earlier this year I stumbled across something amazing/beautiful/inspiring...Simply Bloom Photography.
When Sweet Hope grows up it would like to be juuuuust like Simply Bloom.  You must go and check out their website...SO divine.

Lucky for me, the lovely girls of Simply Bloom are going to share their loveliness in a photography workshop - which I am going to - IN HAWAII!  Is that perfect or what?

I am seriously jumping out of my britches to learn how they shoot and all the other wonders of the trade, and I HOPE to be able to bring some of their magic into my work.

Three months and counting!

PS - Did I mention I'm going to be in Hawaii for my 30th birthday?! 11/11/11! Oh yeah!

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