27 June 2011

Sisterhood: Behind the Scenes

 2 days. 17 shoots. 7 helpers. $2500 raised to combat human trafficking. And a whole lot of fun!
This is the story behind the sisterhood mini-sessions...

Meet Chris - he totally got catapulted into helping out by his lovely wife, Kellie, and before he knew it he was getting up at 5am, packing and unpacking ute-loads of props and then driving gaggles of nervous girls up and down a hill to get to the shoot location. What a man! And not a single whinge or whine. Even when we made him wear the bow-tie! You're the best Chris!!

The first shoot...delightful.

The gumboot brigade...

 The nervous nellie's - literally!

Meet Al - he and his beautiful wife Rachel own the property we shot at.  They are above and beyond generous and were a massive part of making the days such a success.  Al was our horse wrangler/makeup artist for the day!

Al & Rachel...

I told you he did makeup!

 Meet my besties Julie and Debbie - the welcoming committee! 
These chicks sat atop the hill and dazzled my clients with their charm and winning smiles!
They also found time to take some interesting photos with a banana but that's a whole other blog.

BFF's - what more can I say?

 Piggy decided to accompany us throughout the day...

 Meet Kellie - bestie no 3!
She was a co-brainstormer/organiser of the days, pose instructor (!) , and my up and coming second shooter.  Love her!

The curse of the photographer is that you're never IN any photos and it's even more rare to get pics of you WITH your camera.  But here's some proof that I was actually there!

 I decided that I wanted to get a 'heart' shot with every group to composite together later. You would not believe the issues the ladies had with making a heart happen! Ok - try it now - easy? I thought so! But here I am, for the 16th time, doing a play by play of how to make a heart - hilarious!

A rare quiet moment...

Most of the time during both days we had seriously beautiful autumn sunshine except for a few shoots at the end where it looked like this!

So when we had a few moments spare I decided to seize the opportunity and get some shots of THE girls...once again, Chris was volunteered and he did a fantastic job under the glaring eye of the photographer and the extra-critical director!  Again, you rock Chris!

Yes, I'm in some sort of little spasm from laughing so hard...I don't remember what it was about but darn it, it was funny!

After taking this first shot I really thought we needed to add some pizazz so I told them to make their bottom's smile...I'll let you be the judge as to whether they were successful!
(I may be killed for putting this shot up! Eek! SO worth it! Ha!)

And with this next photo, you may now proceed into your own laughing spasm! So graceful Julie!

Trying to recreate a less muddy, less naked version of the America's Next Top Model shoot below.  Can hardly tell the difference really.

Debbie - you are five months pregnant - that position was never going to be comfortable!

Once again, I have to say a massive thank you to these truly wonderful people who contributed to this project...Kellie, Debbie, Julie, Chris, Brad (Debb's hubby who also helped loading the truck!), Al and Rachel - I couldn't have done this without you!!

I hope you enjoyed having a backstage pass to Sweet Hope Photography's Sisterhood Mini-Sessions!
Now you must leave a comment below... :) 
(I love reading comments!)


  1. Everything seemed like it ran so smoothly! You guys made our shoot AWESOME!!!!

  2. That read was beyond enjoyable. Well done to all of you, but especially you Anna. You've made a massive impact around the world. Not many can say that! My wife enjoyed herself immensely.

    And I enjoyed the photos of her...

  3. You rock Anna, what a great idea to show us behind the scenes - love it xxxx

  4. I loved reading and seeing all these awesome photos behind the scenes... You are totally amazing Anna... What an amazing concept going towards an amazing cause! And so much work behind the scenes... what a team you have! :) I am seriously just in awe of it all... I left a comment on one of your other posts, but I really have to say again, I adore your style... your vision is brilliant... You shoot how I want to see myself shoot in the future... You have just won yourself a new fan... I look forward to stalking your blog lots in the future.

  5. Oh, you are toooooo sweet Clara!! Thank you so much!!


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