07 July 2011

The McLeod's, I Mean, The Marshalls

When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, and extremely sick, I started watching through the seasons of McLeod's Daughters.  I stopped at some stage and just started up about a month ago...just before I went out to Muckadilla (west of Roma) to do this photo shoot.  Lucky!  Without McLeod's, how else would a 'city princess' like myself have followed all the conversations of steers, cattle prices, breeding, live stock exports and mustering!?!  Thank you McLeod's!!

I have to say, I had the most wonderful time with the Marshall's and if you haven't been for a country trip lately, I would highly recommend it!  That air, that sun, that quiet.  Bliss.

My flight was delayed (haha!) on the morning we were to leave because the plane had ice all over it...eek! So as we waited for it to melt, we were lucky enough to see Janine & Graeme going by doing an early morning muster...


  1. Awesome shoot - what a place - the light look amazing. I love the bottle tree and the one of the cows in the yards. Great work!

  2. Just gorgeous! I got a bit teary. Not only a beautiful family - beautiful friends too!


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