11 July 2011

Brent + Lorena - A Wedding Redo

Another week, another super-sweet shoot...

Meet the lovely Brent + Lorena...

This awesome couple got married late last year but were disappointed with their wedding devastating! Because you can only do it once right?! Wrong!

Lorena contacted me a few months ago to see if we could do a wedding redo.  I was so excited because I have to say this is my FAVOURITE kind of shoot - all the pretty and loveliness of an actual wedding without the pressure of time and guests and uncle Bob trying to shoot over my shoulder!

We tripped out to Lacey's Creek where Lorena's family has an amazing property - I mean A-MAZ-ING!
Rolling hills, grassy fields, rambling creeks, dirt roads and a log cabin...what more could a photographer ask for!?

Can't forget to mention the lovely two helpers - Lorena's friend Hannah and her sister.  I have to do a little shout out to Hannah who passed my name along to B+L - thank you Hannah! You rock!

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