13 September 2011

Just Pin It!

I'd like to introduce you to my good friend Pinterest. She's a reasonably new girl in town and even though she doesn't have as many friends as those other chicks, Facebook and Twitter, she's waaaaay more glamorous. She's always very pretty, but there's more to her than that...

She's creative
(she's always showing me new things and she continually inspires me)

She's organised 
(who is creative AND organised!? amazing! she puts all my favourite things together in the one place)

 She's spontaneous
(she's ready to have fun with me or work with me whenever and WHEREVER I want! on my computer, my iphone or my ipad, her cute little 'pin it' button is always right there)

 She's a giver
(those other friends can sometimes suck the life/time out of me, but pinterest is always giving back)

If you'd like a new friend, post your email address below and I can send you an invitation to meet her...she LOVES to make new friends!
Ok, now seriously - Pinterest is awesome and totally is my new best friend!  I've been keeping our little love affair on the down low for about six months now because, well, this is a little awkward, I like to keep pretty things to myself.  Oh that sounds awful even writing it! 

That's actually not true.  What I really mean is I like to be original.  I like my clothes to have a little original pop that nobody else has, I like people to come to parties I throw and go 'wow!' cause there's something that they've never seen before, I love my house to have some original beautiful statement pieces, and I love my photography to be fresh and original too.

My pet peeve is copiers. Ugh! I hate it when someone goes and buys the SAME outfit as me and I hate it even more when someone copies my photography...and if we were to really get down to it, that would be the major reason that I haven't shared this.  Earlier this year I was introduced to a fellow local photographer who was entirely lovely face to face but over the next couple of months proceeded to copy...a lot.  I posted my packages, she posted identical packages...but slightly cheaper of course!  I did a shoot in a particular location, a week later she was doing a shoot in that very location.  I incorporated certain props into my shoots and, wouldn't you know it, there they were in her shoots very shortly after!  And on it went.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.

  So it's really with that ONE person in mind that I've not shared this most fabulous thing (!) because I don't want MY inspiration and ideas to magically become hers.  But stuff it!  Stuff it I say!!  Why should one person ruin it for everybody else!?!

So here it is for all the world to see, and love, and savour, and be inspired!! 
I find it the BEST place to get ideas and inspiration for photo shoots and I actually think it could be a great resource for my clients.  You'll be able to see in even more detail what my style is, and you might even find something that you'd like to incorporate into your shoot.  I'm going to start sharing my favourite pins with you via facebook on Wednesdays...oh, who am I kidding, it's probably going to be waaaay more than that!

So, if you'd like to follow me on pinterest, and I really, really would love you to, you can follow me here.

And if you're already on there, let me know below cause I'd LOVE to follow you too!  If you're not on there yet you can either apply yourself, which can take a couple of days to go through, or, like I said earlier, you can leave your email address below and I can send you an invite which is instantaneous!  Fun!



  1. Ooh Anna pick me to pin! I've been hangining out for an invite! Go with my party_bee acc at hotmail ta. Dx

  2. Would love an invite. Always keen to see what's going on in the mind and world of Anna!!

  3. Send me an invite too Anna...our normal email address. Love Lena

  4. Too scared that I would love it too! So much fun! Think I'll continue to be a pinterest browser for now.

  5. So, I wrote that comment last night. Then I had a quick look at your pinterest page. Then spent my night dreaming my dreams in pinterest format! Maybe it's a warning or maybe it's a sign. I'm gonna go for the latter! Do you have any invites left?


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