01 November 2011

A WORK of Art

Now here is a shoot that I don’t do every day.  In fact, so far, I’ve only done it once a year!  I think that’s because the name ‘Sweet Hope Photography’ doesn’t exactly scream ‘masculine’!  

Calen is a good friend of mine...actually, he and his family are such good friends I almost consider him my second little brother (we certainly squabble like siblings sometimes!) as much as I joke on facebook there really was no secret pleasure for me doing this shoot;)  

Calen is (obviously) passionate about health and fitness, and works extremely hard to 'build' his body.  We always have arguments about what is the perfect male physique (Gerard Butler I say! or Hugh Jackman) because I'm not a massive fan of massive muscles...whenever you can see veins popping out I'm cringing.  Anytime you see Cal smiling in the shoot it's because I'm behind the camera going 'ewwww!!' Very professional!  But while Arnie is not my cup of tea I can certainly appreciate the work  and extraordinary commitment that goes into body-building.  Nice job Cal! Hmm...wonder what he'll look like in 2013?????

PS - I have to be honest and say I had LMFAO's 'I'm Sexy and I Know It' in my head the entire shoot!  Don't sing it out loud Anna, don't sing it out loud!
(I, I, I, I work out!)

A 'before' shot for motivation... (couldn't believe it was him!)

Behind the scenes...

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoyed seeing the objects I see every day in such glorious compositions.

    And by objects, I mean Cal.


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