12 December 2011

Aloha! - {A Simply Bloom Workshop in Hawaii styled by Jill La Fleur of La Fleur Weddings & Events}

To. Die. For.

That is how I would describe the photography of Christine & Vania of Simply Bloom Photography.

I came across them via facebook at the beginning of this year and got girly chills as I looked through their website...stunning.  Their photography was everything that I dreamed of mine being...dreamy, feminine, simple (and elaborate at the same time), and different.

Fast forward 9 months and I had convinced my mum and dad to babysit my two toddlers for a week, roped my sister and bro-in-law into crossing an ocean with me (wait, that's so not true, they totally volunteered!), and had tickets booked and paid for ALL to go to a Simply Bloom workshop being hosted in Hawaii!

As I headed to the 'get to know you' dinner (after arriving in Oahu only 10 hours earlier) I was nervous...nervous in an 'I don't know anybody' kind of way but more so in a 'these girls are photography goddesses, what the heck am I doing here, I'm going to make such a fool of myself' kind of way.

Dinner turned out to be lovely, and though I didn't get to talk to Christine and Vania too much that night, I was seated next to the amazing Jill La Fleur who was styling our shoot for the next day.  Honestly, what a sweet, family loving, professional woman she is - it was lovely to glean some industry wisdom from her.

The next day was when my nerves were put to ease...the Simply Bloom girls were gorgeous, so down to earth and with ego's MIA.  I walked away at the end of the day feeling confident with my progress as a photographer so far and pumped about taking my business to a new level.  (And shhhh!  Don't tell them but I totally stole some of their mojo while I was there...I had to pay for extra baggage to bring it back to Australia but it was totally worth it!)  

The cute gift bags we received on arrival...

The combi we hitched a ride in to the beach shoot, owned by our lovely models... (and yes, it was a 'pinch yourself' Gidget kind of moment riding in a combi in Hawaii!)...

 The gorgeous, windy surf beach where the scene was set...

And now to the divine-ness of the shoot and the styling of Jill La Fleur...
(you'll have to forgive me for this mega-blog but the loveliness could not be contained)

 Christine (the supermum with baby Lennon) and Vania doing their thing...

 Oh the dress, the dress! I love a good ruffle! Stunning gown by...I can't remember! But I'll find out and make sure I post it :)
{The dress is by Romona Keveza}

Simply Bloom workshops usually have up to 20 people attending.  Ours? 6. 
How blessed were we?
And they were all such can have a peep at their work here...

 I told you I loved a good ruffle!

Thank you Vania & Christine for sharing your 'glorious-ness' with us (and for giving me an excuse to go to Hawaii!) - you are truly as gorgeous as your photography xo

PS - I hear rumours they're coming to our fair shores for a workshop in 2012...round 2 perhaps?!?


  1. Oh I just loved everything about that shoot Anna!!! The scenery, the models, the car, the colours, the angles the whole lot! A-MAZ-ING!!!

  2. Just lovely!!! Photo's are beautiful. Love the blue and pink together too.

  3. What a dream hey. So cool you get to be creative at work! And go to Hawaii! Really awesome photos Anna (as always).

    P.S. Did you see Locke from Lost anywhere?

  4. Gorgeous photos Anna. Looking forward to seeing what you create with a certain beautiful bride-to-be that I know, this coming September!

  5. these are all so great anna! so nice to meet you :)


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