02 February 2011

Angel on Point

 What do you do when you get together with your best friends? Movies? Coffee? Beach?
Well, this is what one of my best friends, Kellie, and I do!  We know we're a bit strange (!?!) but we both love the camera, and the giggles and dress-ups that come with it!  

This shoot was a particular delight because we got to capture a glimpse of Kellie's ballet training - this girl does crazy things on her toes!


  1. Our special, not to mention beautiful, ballerina never ceases to amaze me. Neither does your ability to capture precious moments like these!

  2. My very special friend Anna is AWESOME, SUPER TALENTED AND CREATIVE!! Who else would I entrust with preserving my moves?! Thank you Anna!

  3. These are gorgeous :) Love the last pic most. If you are ever in need of more 'costume stuff' Anna, give my Mum a call. She has plenty to play with!

  4. Love your moves Kellie...what a great secret talent you have!


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