06 February 2011

Heaven on Earth

Introducing one of my own little darlings (with a cameo by the other)!
Also introducing one of my pretty new backdrops...I think I am in love with this one!

After taking about two hours to set this shoot up, I had about seven minutes to actually shoot before little L decided she'd had enough...just shows what you can get even when you're low on time.  I even managed to capture her latest trick, the 'piggy face'!



  1. Oh so beautiful!!! I was just saying yesterday how I love her new little face she pulls. It's very cute!!

  2. Awwwwwwwww, I love her!! My little 'L' pulls that face too! SOO CUTE!! :)

  3. Beautiful job sister! (On the babies and the photographs of them that is!)

    Totally worth the set-up dramas, what a gorgeous group of photos! I want them all!

  4. Amazing Anna!
    Love you!
    kim xoxoxoxo

  5. Where did you get her adorable tutu?

  6. I got it online from...I don't remember where!? But the brand is Oopsy Daisy Baby:)


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