17 February 2011

The Haze

My precious friend Kellie and her hubby got married about five years ago and they didn't have a photographer at their wedding...shock!! So, to give THEM a little something to hang on their wall, and to give ME a little wedding workout and something lovely to show you all, we decided to do a faux wedding shoot.

It was organised a couple of months ago and Kellie had definate ideas about how she wanted it to look...namely, she wanted 'the haze'.  You know that beautiful haze you get through trees and over grass just minutes before sunset?  That was what we wanted to capture, with a little vintage twist.  I have heard about this 'haze' EVERY time we have hung out for two months now! 'We've got to get the haze Anna!'

And so we went after it, and wow!...if I do say so myself.  We went to a special little spot aptly named 'Eden' at Rush Creek and it was a perfect, I mean PERFECT afternoon!  I hope you adore these photos as much as Kellie and I do....xo

PS - The wonderful Jess from 'Makeup with Makeup' did Kellie's beautiful face...look her up on facebook and 'like'!


  1. Simply breathtaking!! Whilst I am slightly biased, being a huge fan of both you and your models, I just wonder how anyone could pass up the opportunity to have such whimsical and amazing wedding photos. Also, it was you just the other day that said you aim for better every shoot. Your next clients will be so blessed!!!

  2. all I can say is... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos!

  3. Far out, far out, far out, far out!! Love the Haze, I usually have a favourite, not this time, there are tooooooo many that are favourites. Beautiful!

  4. Fantastic work Anna, where were you 25 years ago!!! You rock girl! From strength to strength! You are blessed!!


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